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Catering is the business on behalf of a restaurant providing a foodservice at a remote site. One of the main benefits of catering service is an absolute freedom in choosing the place of the event, scenario, time, menu as well as decorations.

Restaurant of “Mukammal” Hotel is providing catering service, organization of events, banquettes, corporate parties in business centers, company’s offices, and also on different exhibition and corporate events. We will also gladly organize any event concerning jubilees, birthdays, graduations and nature trips.

Types of catering that our restaurant supports

  • Fourchette
  • Smorgasbord
  • Coffee-Breaks
  • Cocktail
  • Picnic

Fourchette – is translated as fork on French. In this context Fourchette is not something of cutlery, but is more of an event. It can be organized in relatively small place in a limited time, even with a big amount of people. Menu of our restaurant includes different cold and hot snacks, which are made specially for the Fourchette and are served in small portions, so that it is easy to eat them while standing.

Smorgasbord (Swedish - buffet) – is similar to fourchette, but with a partial self-service. On tables, accompanying with cold and hot starters, deserts and fruits, there is cutlery as well. After filling the plate, a person has to sit to a separate table: that differs fourchette from smorgasbord.

Coffee-Breaks are usually settled between meetings and conferences or before official event as a welcome-coffee. This is some kind of a mini fourchette, which also has canapé, bakery, deserts, fruits and of course tea and coffee. Not a single conference, presentation or seminar cannot obey a coffee-break, during which it is necessary to relax and chat.

Cocktail – is the most mobile form of reception on any kind of event. Coctail can also be called as a “fourchette on the way”, which does not require any special dinnerwear, neither furniture – waitresses will themselves deliver beverages and cold snacks on waiters. Traditional tables are not usually served in this setting. It lasts about an hour and perfectly suits for presentations, exhibitions, opening of boutiques and fashion show premieres.

Picnic or barbeque – is probably the most informal type of restaurant catering. Barbeque is traditionally a picnic with meat dishes prepared on grill. It ideally suits corporate catering, if your event was planned during the warm period of the year on fresh air. Shashlyks from meat and fish, prepared on grills, ukha, okroshka, grill-vegs, can all be accompanied with fun and warm of the community. Picnic is a nature, freh air, the smell of grill, served tables and cold snacks served with a style.

We have one of the best chiefs of different categories, managers of professional catering and waitresses. All of them will help you make your event unforgettable.

Reworked technical base in coop with professionalism of our chiefs and specialists of services can guarantee you quality of our service on every single stage, beginning with drawing menu and until cleaning the territory of the post-event.

In our catering portfolio we have: corporate events, openings of new offices and merchandise, seminars and presentations, official events.

The base three components of success of our restaurant are: experience and professionalism of our employees, presence of mandatory technological base and an individual creative customer approach.

We are ready to work with any format of catering: from a small family holiday to a big corporate event.