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The young capital is a symbol of creation, creativity and progress of the people of Kazakhstan. About 71 cities of the country, 432 construction companies took part in the construction of Astana, 135 factories supplied construction sites with building materials.

Along with local firms the foreign companies took part in construction of the new capital of Kazakhstan, such as: Turkish, Italian, French and Swiss. About 60 up to 100 medium and big sites came into operation annually. During 10 years the accelerated pace of construction and the nation support allowed to build modern city with a unique appearance and style in the steppes of Kazakhstan.

Dear residents and visitors of Astana! Mukammal hotel offers you individual and group tours around the city!

People count 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours
1 – 5 150 USD 200 USD 260 USD
5 – 10 165 USD 215 USD 275 USD
11 – 45 170 USD 220 USD 280 USD

Here are the following itineraries of excursions:

The spiritual development of Astana

Duration of the excursion - 3 hours

Today Kazakhstan is an island of peace, stability and tranquility. Kazakhstan is developing due to the work, mutual trust and friendship of 130 nations and 45 religious denominations. After the visit of Pope John Paul the Second and the 1 st Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions Astana can be called the spiritual center of Eurasia by right. Temples that adorn our city are not only places of worship. They are also the spiritual center for all people living in our city (it is more than 700 thousand people and representatives of more than 100 nationalities). Everyone has their right to freedom of religion as enshrined by the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

During the tour you will learn the history of the spiritual life of the city which is full of tragic events and at the same time is a striking example of patience and unity of different generations. You'll see the city today which shows that more and more people think about the spiritual side of life today just because history has always been inextricably connected with Faith.

The places of worship in Astana:

  1. Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help
  2. The Islamic Cultural Center
  3. Constantine and Helen Cathedral
  4. The Jewish Synagogue named after Rachel
  5. Church of St. Seraphim Sarovskiy

Astana and its cradle of history

Duration of the excursion - 4 hours

During the tour we will remember the legendary warriors who fought for freedom and independence of our country. They were honest biy, those who dreamed of seeing our people literate and stood at the cradle of learning, such as: Abai Kunanbaev, Saken Seifullin. At the end of the tour you will visit the Mausoleum of Kabanbai Batyr (knight), which is located 35 km away from Astana. The majestic memorial was dedicated to Kabanbai Batyr by descendants in memory and respect. Historians say that he was a strong and an intelligent commander, writers reward him a charismatic aura and ordinary people see him as a symbol of steadfastness of the Kazakh people.

You will visit the following places:

  1. A monument to victims of political repression;
  2. Monument “Zher Ana” is dedicated to all people who died defending their land. In 1999 the prayer has been held here by Pope John Paul II.
  3. Mausoleum of Kabanbai Batyr

Great memory to the prisoners of ACFTM (Akmolinsk Camp of Female Traitors to the Motherland)

The museum is located in Malinovka countryside.

Duration of the excursion - 4 hours.

This tour is dedicated to the memory of the victims of totalitarianism.

The abbreviation ACFTM makes those people shivering who know what really stands behind these five letters. The damp barracks in the heart of the Kazakh steppe, that's what ACFTM - Akmola Camp of Female Traitors to the Motherland – means. The prisoners themselves gave such a name to the camp.
Women with a special mark in their personals - "a family member of a traitor to the motherland"- were serving time here. Not committing a crime they were sentenced to serve time in a special camp just because they were mothers, wives, sisters and daughters of those who have been accused of treason.

During the tour you will visit:

  1. The memorial to the victims of political repression, Malinovka countryside (35 km away from Astana).
  2. Walking along the Memory Avenue
  3. The museum of exhibits, here you’ll learn about people and events of that terrible time

To the pink birds – Korgalzhyn State Nature Reserve

Duration of the excursion - 4 hours

Karazhar is located 170km away from the city of Astana, on the shores of Sultangeldy Lake. The total area of the reserve is 2600 square kilometers, more than 60% of the territory occupied by numerous lakes.

Korgalzhyn State Nature Reserve has gained an international popularity as a place of mass concentration of migrating and molting waterfowl. Korgalzhyn Reserve is in the list of World Heritage of UNESCO. There are about 14 thousand couples of pink flamingos making nests on the islands of Tengiz Lake at the same time.

This place is the habitat of Dalmatian pelican and more than 330 species of other birds. There are over 300 species of plants and animals here. Untouched nature strikes your mind and creates special conditions for recreation.

  1. Visit to the Nature Museum in Korgalzhyn
  2. Visit to Reserve, bird watching
  3. Sailing or fishing - upon request

Astana, her charm and beauty

Duration of the excursion - 2 hours

Developing the architectural concept of the city the idea of President, Nursultan Nazarbayev , was taken into account to grant the city of the Eurasian appearance. The author of the master plan development of Astana has become a well-known Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa, the author of the following projects: the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the international airport in Kuala Lumpur and the National Ethnological Museum in Osaka.

Astana has become a testing ground for ideas of different famous architects – for instance, Norman Foster, the recognized leader in the architectural style of hi-tech. Norman Foster – a British architect, who is the author of the project of the Millennium Bridge in London, a famous tower for the Hearst Corporation in New York and the biggest airport in the world in Beijing, who renovated the Bundestag building in Berlin and Commerzbank in Frankfurt am Main - the highest skyscraper in Europe, who rebuilt Wembley Stadium in London. N. Foster is the author of the project of one of the most original building in London - the skyscraper-cucumber Swiss Re. Mr. Foster also an author of the project of the unique house of religions in the world - the Palace of Peace and Concord in Astana. The team of the architect constructed a new entertainment center for the capital of Kazakhstan - "Khan Shatyr”.
Here are the following sights of the city:

  1. Khan Shatyr
  2. Palace of Peace and Concord
  3. Palace of Independence
  4. Astana-Baiterek – symbol of Astana

According to your desire we can change the itinerary of the excursion. For instance, as a "contrast" you can see the old city and its center; here you can see the ownership of Russian merchants which represents an architectural value, for instance, mansion and trade house of the richest merchant of the past, Kubrin M. Driving towards the “timber mill” region, where you can see remained “Stalin” houses and even pre-revolutionary barracks.
Upon your request you can also see the market and live trade.

The Lights of the night city - an evening sightseeing tour

Duration - 2 hours

Itinerary includes:

  1. Walking along the singing fountains alley
  2. Water-Green Boulevard
  3. Ak-Orda - residence of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Excursion to the military unit

Duration of the excursion - 4 hours

Visit to a military unit of special function:

  1. Demonstration of shooting arms (34 types)
  2. Demonstration of gunfire and military equipment 3) Lunch
  3. Show of various types of martial arts

Historical center of Astana

Duration of the excursion - 2 hours

In this route you will plunge into the world of "wise thoughts and get acquainted with one of the coolest projects in the education system of Kazakhstan, which blended an interesting mix of ambition and experience, the desire to combine Asian roots and Western knowledge”:

  1. Museum of S. Seifulin
  2. The Museum of Modern Art
  3. The Museum of the Presidential center of culture
  4. National Academic Library
  5. Nazarbayev University

The sound of Astana

Duration of the excursion - 2 hours

Music has no borders, no nationality. Music unites and brings up people. This tour will allow you to familiarize yourself with the main musical theaters of the capital.

  1. The National Opera and Ballet Theatre named after K. Baiseitova
  2. Kazakh Musical Drama Theatre named after K. Kuanyshbaev
  3. Russian Drama Theatre named after M. Gorkiy
  4. Organ and Chamber Hall of the Kazakh National Music Academy
  5. Central Concert Hall "Kazakhstan"

Leisure heart of Astana

Duration of the excursion - 2 hours

This sightseeing will let you review the entire Kazakhstan, to see its natural and handmade environment and plunge into entertainment world of Astana.

  1. Entertainment center "Duman" offers to visit Oceanarium and Jungle Park (to visit these two areas you have to pay entrance fee)
  2. Circus (to watch a performance is extra money)
  3. Family entertainment center «Babylon»
  4. Skating rink in "ICE CLUB"

Fisherman's Paradise

Starting with December up to February sports / amateur fishing is organized on designated areas of Korgalzhyn State Natural Reserve.